The United States and the LGBT community have come to a cross roads in a sense, as there has been a huge amount of debate in regards to individuals using bathrooms that they identify with. It has been a hot topic whether or not it should be legal for a person to use a different bathroom than their actual gender, if they do identify with the opposite sex. This type of law is something that is determined by each state, specifically, and North Carolina has decided to step outside the box and make mandatory that people use the bathroom in which they correspond with, on a gender basis. This is something that has raised a lot of heat on the state of North Carolina, despite the fact that House Bill 2, which is the bill that passed this legislature, passed with a huge amount of votes.

One of the most interesting things to come out of this decision is the responses that musicians have had.

A large amount of musicians, as well as shows such as Cirque du Soleil, have made the decision that they are not going to perform in the state of North Carolina, although some of them have decided that they will go ahead and perform the shows that they have schedule. However, the majority of musicians that have stated they are opposed with the law, but have already scheduled shows in the state of North Carolina, have gone on to do shows, while highlighting their disapproval. The reason that musicians have been canceling their shows is based on the fact that they believe that a person should be able to use the bathroom with which they identify and feel that they need to take a strong stance, while standing in unity against the state of North Carolina and their decision.

People that voted to pass the legislation have stated that they do not feel that, women and kids especially, are fully safe and are not comfortable, for the most part, with a man entering the Women’s bathroom. This is an absolutely understandable responses, while it is also easy to understand the uncomfortable feeling that a person may experience when being forced to use a bathroom that they do not identify with. All in all, it is a situation that needs to be figured out, as there has not been a solution thus far that is going to protect and serve everyone. The mere fact that each and every state in the United States gets to make their own decisions on these matters could make things very hectic, when you consider the fact that most musicians make tour dates in just about every state. If this type of thing continues in various states, you may have musicians deciding that they are only going to do shows in states that allow people to use which ever bathroom they are comfortable in. However, it is absolutely important to protect people in areas that may be a safe and protected space, where it may be easy to take advantage of someone behind closed doors. A possible solution to the debacle may be to have a women’s and a men’s bathroom, as well as a third bathroom, but as of yet, there has not been a plan that has worked out for everyone.

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