North Carolina is one of the states that foster a good environment for those who want to work from home or supplement their regular income. There are several ways to make extra income in Fayetteville, NC. Your success rate depends on how much effort and time you are willing to dedicate on the activity. Here are some of the free and effective ways to get extra cash to pay your bills or go for a vacation in 2017.


Be a tour guide


Fayetteville has a lot of beautiful sceneries that attract thousands of visitors every year. The tourism industry currently has employed many people on a permanent and a short-term basis. You can be among the hundreds of people who benefit from the thriving tourism in Fayetteville. Sign up with one of the traveling agencies there. However, you must know the city well to qualify for a position. Most agencies are flexible and can allow you to work on weekends. This is good if you have a job that runs from Monday to Friday.


Sell unwanted items


Do not stuff your wardrobe or desk with clothes, smartphones, tablets and laptops you no longer need. You can easily make money out of them online. Open a retailer account in Amazon or eBay. Take nice pictures of the items and post them. You can choose to attach the price of each item or ignore. Add a brief description of the item you are selling. If it is a phone or a tablet, highlight features such as the model, memory capacity and year of manufacture. If it is a cloth, describe its make and size.


Model for artists and advertising agencies


If you feel you have what it takes to pose in front of a camera, sign up for modeling. There are several options in modeling. You can choose to pose in front of those who do fine art. Musicians sometimes require models during video shootings or performance. You can also model for companies and commercial advertising agencies in Fayetteville or any other part of North Carolina. You can earn between $100 and $500 for one session. Some companies pay up to $2,000, but this depends on your modelling skills. If you are considering modeling, make sure you choose an option that you are comfortable with.


Watch movie previews


There are several companies that pay you to watch movies. Others pay you to watch celebrity videos, latest news and other videos. Sites such Swagbucks pay up to $5 when you sign up. The company’s lets you know how the playlist will run before you begin. The playlist can range from a few minutes to one hour. If you work hard, you can make up to $300 per month. This amount is enough for a two-day vacation in the best resorts and spas around North Carolina.


Get paid for your opinions


It is true that you can get paid when you weigh in on certain matters. Though surveys have a bad reputation because of several cases involving scammers, they are better than just watching TV the whole day. You can earn up to $100 per month by answering questions and giving your opinions. The only credible companies that conduct surveys in the United States are VIP Voice and Swagbucks. They have a rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau.


Write articles for webmasters


You can make money online by writing articles for various web owners. Most of them do not have time to update their blogs with fresh and rich contents. Hence, they are more than willing to pay up to 5 cents per word to those who can help them keep their blogs active. There several online platforms that can connect you with direct clients for free. You can also try content millers where you get paid once a client accepts the article you write. You can try legitimate sites such as Textbroker and Iwriter and get paid weekly for every article you write. Textbroker pays on Fridays, and Iwriter pays on Tuesdays.


Sell collectible items online


You can collect small items such as baseball cards, stamps or coins and sell them online. One place that allows people to sell collectibles is eBay. You will be required to create an account before you begin. You can list up to 40 items for free every month. eBay will deduct 10% of the total price of the item when it sells. Make sure you price the items well to attract buyers quickly. You can research the prices of similar items so that yours wares competitively.

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